46-year-old Mayweather in an exhibition fight beat the English ex-MMA fighter – CBS TV STREAMS

Famous American boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather (50–0) had another exhibition match.

In the main fight of a boxing show in London, Mayweather beat a local ex-MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers (5–2), known for his participation in the reality shows Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach.

46-year-old Mayweather gave his opponent a real master class. Already in the first round, he punched an accurate left hook, counterattacked with a right cross and scored an accurate uppercut.

Chalmers, 35, tried to snap, but was unsuccessful. Floyd punched his defense over and over again, and the Briton was clearly shocked that the veteran was still very good in the ring.

Floyd had fun with might and main: he smiled, flirted with the ring girl, played for the camera, teased the opponent, argued with his coaches and lit up as best he could.

Although Mayweather’s victory after 8 two-minute rounds was obvious to everyone, there was no official verdict. The ring announcer offered to applaud the boxers.

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2023-02-26 11:23:00


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