5 Real Madrid youth players who can become stars

Real Madrid is one of the most famous professional football clubs in the world. This team was heard at least once even in those corners of the globe where football is interested, to put it mildly, very superficially. All this is possible thanks to the fantastic achievements of the Blancos, who have 14 victories in the Champions League (and its progenitor, the European Cup), which is exactly twice as much as the closest pursuer, Milan.

It is not surprising that many young footballers literally dream of ending up at Real Madrid sooner or later. A number of them are lucky to get into the Blancos camp already at the dawn of their career, although they will first have a “run-in” in the youth team, and then in Real Castilla, which is the double of the Madrid club.

In recent years, Real Castilla has played in the Primera Federacion, the third-ranked division in the Spanish football league system after the La Liga and the Segunda. And this season, things are going pretty well for the Blancos double – the team under the leadership of the legendary ex-forward Real Raul takes third place, being in the playoff zone for the right to move up in the class.

Good results and a quality coach are the key to the appearance of worthy players in the team. Today we offer you five players of Real Castilla, who in the coming years are quite capable of not only breaking into the first team of the Blancos, but also becoming full-fledged stars of world football.

Alvaro Rodriguez

Age: 18 years

Role: center forward

Citizenship: Uruguay / Spain

Season indicators: 24 matches, 6 goals, 1 assist

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine

Alvaro Rodriguez joined the structure of Real Madrid in the summer of 2020, having moved from the ranks of Girona. Since then, the young football player, who mainly plays as a center forward, as well as on the left flank of the attack, has been progressing at an incredible pace. In particular, on February 18 this year, Alvaro got the opportunity to make his debut for the Real Madrid first team, when Carlo Ancelotti released a striker as a substitute in the La Liga against Osasuna (2: 0). Moreover, Rodriguez entered the field with the score 1:0 in favor of his team in the 88th minute, and four minutes later gave an assist to Marco Asensio, who issued the final score on the scoreboard.

Carlo Ancelotti said in a recent interview that Alvaro Rodriguez will be a Real Madrid first team player next season: “We think he can be useful this part of the season, playing for Castilla and also helping the Real Madrid first team. Our plan for next season is to have Alvaro in the first team. He has qualities few others have, he is tall and strong. Benzema is not a traditional centre-forward so having such a tall player is very important to us.”

And while the future of Ancelotti himself at Real Madrid remains very vague (in particular, due to the interest in the Italian from the Brazilian Football Confederation), Alvaro Rodriguez can safely look to the future, which he sees as absolutely cloudless.

It is also worth noting that since February last year, Rodriguez has played 4 matches for the Spanish U-18 national team, but at the beginning of 2023 he accepted an invitation to play for the Uruguay U-20 national team, where he already showed himself brilliantly (5 goals in 8 matches).

Transfermarkt values ​​Alvaro Rodriguez at €6m.

Peter Gonzalez

Age: 20 years

Role: right winger

Citizenship: Dominican Republic / Spain

Season indicators: 28 matches, 4 goals, 5 assists

Peter Gonzalez was born on July 25, 2002 in Madrid, and ended up at the Real Madrid academy at the age of 13. Since then, the right-winger has gone from youth teams to Real Madrid’s doubles, and certainly has plans to become an important player for the Blancos base as well.

In 2020, Peter González won the UEFA Youth League with the Real Madrid youth team and is a key player for Castilla this season. On account of the winger 28 matches in Primera Federacion, as well as 4 goals scored and 5 assists.

Even during the last season, Peter Gonzalez began to be involved in training with the Real Madrid first team, for which he made his debut in the Example on December 22, 2021. Then Carlo Ancelotti threw the young talent into action in the away match against Athletic. Moreover, the replacement took place in the 86th minute with the score 2:1 in favor of Real Madrid, and therefore the Italian risked to a certain extent, releasing an absolutely inexperienced “green” kid onto the field.

Ancelotti has yet to bring González to the first team this season, but in general Real Madrid already have options on how to deal with the winger. Rumor has it that representatives of Getafe have already contacted the bosses of Madrid, who showed real interest in cooperation with the eleventh number of Real Castilla.

Transfermarkt values ​​Peter Gonzalez at €1m.

Rafa Marine

Age: 20 years

Role: centre-back

Citizenship: Spain

Season indicators: 27 matches, 2 goals

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Rafa Marine (right)

Rafa Marin is the key center back of the Real Madrid double at the moment. On account of his 27 matches and 2 goals scored in the current draw of the third division of Spanish football, and for many statistical components, the young defender is in the top Examples of Federacion.

In particular, Rafa Marin is the leader of Real Castilla in the championship in terms of the number of passes completed – 1590. This also allows the talented center back to occupy fifth place in the league, behind three representatives of the Barcelona double and 29-year-old Ruben Diez from Deportivo. It is also worth noting that Marin is third in the championship in terms of the number of blocked shots (22).

The powerful centre-back (Marin’s height is 191 centimeters) has not yet made his debut in the first team, although, according to rumors, Raul warmly recommended this artist to Ancelotti. Rumor has it that the Italian coach “Blancos” does not see a place for Marin among his wards for the reason that he does not have a shortage of center backs. This circumstance is very upsetting for Rafa, who has a contract with Real Madrid until next summer.

In the European media, publications have already appeared about the interest in the Marina from Paris Saint-Germain, Leipzig and Chelsea. These clubs will be ready to act if Rafa decides to leave Madrid, although the centre-back is still waiting for a chance, as well as an offer to extend his contract on significantly better terms. It is possible that if Real Madrid still does not dare to trust Marina in the near future, he will request a transfer and leave for another championship. Perhaps the Blancos will later have to regret their omission, or return Rafa, as Barcelona once did with Gerard Pique.

Transfermarkt values ​​Rafa Marina at €500,000.

Vinicius Tobias

Age: 19 years

Role: right back

Citizenship: Brazil

Season indicators: 32 matches, 5 assists

Instagram.com/vinitobias. Vinicius Tobias

Vinicius Tobias ended up in Real Castilla only because of the start of a full-scale phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In January last year, Shakhtar bought an incredibly promising right-back from Internacional for 6 million euros, but Tobias managed to play only a few friendly matches at the training camp in Turkey in the Donetsk team. There Vinicius left a very good impression of himself, but after the start of full-scale aggression from Russia, like most of the Pitmen’s legionnaires, he decided to leave Ukraine.

At the beginning of April last year, Real Madrid announced Tobias’ loan until the end of the 2022/23 season, and the Brazilian was sent to Castile for a run-in. This season, Vinicius has an excellent press, and Raul is completely spreading compliments to the Brazilian almost a week later.

Rumor has it that Carlo Ancelotti was also impressed by the ability and performance of Vinicius Tobias, whom he had already enlisted in training with the first team, but so far has not given a chance to make his debut for Real Madrid. The position of the right-back in the main team of the Blancos is quite problematic, and therefore Tobias is being looked at with might and main, and they are considering his possibilities to gain a foothold in Real Madrid for a long time, becoming such a “right-footed Marcelo” for the club.

Real Madrid have an option to buy Vinicius Tobias’ contract from Shakhtar Donetsk for 18 million euros. Rumor has it that the bosses of the Blancos and personally President Florentino Perez would like to get the Brazilian on a permanent basis, but they expect the Pitmen to make a discount and agree to let the legionary go for at least 10 million. However, Shakhtar have extensive experience in trading with the giants of European football, and in this case, the Blancos can hardly count on a reduction in value.

Transfermarkt values ​​Vinicius Tobias at €3m.

Sergio Arribas

Age: 21 years old

Role: central attacking midfielder

Citizenship: Spain

Season indicators: 31 matches, 14 goals, 7 assists

Sergio Arribas is Real Castilla’s top goalscorer and one of the top scorers in the current La Liga Federacion. This player not only has the most shots on goal in the championship (85), but also successfully assists his partners, having 7 assists on his account – the best result in the third Spanish league of the 2022/23 season.

A native of Madrid has been at the Real Madrid academy since 2012, and therefore for him the Blancos are his native team, although Arribas had not spent long in the youths of Leganes before that. In 2020, Sergio, together with Real Madrid juniors, won the UEFA Youth League, and in 2023 he won the Club World Cup with the main team. Carlo Ancelotti had the young midfielder come on as a substitute in the semi-finals against Al Ahli and less than a minute later Arribas scored to set the final score at 4-1.

It is noteworthy that Arribas made his debut in the Example and the Champions League under Zinedine Zidane. The French specialist gave the talented midfielder the opportunity to play his first match in the national championship at the age of 18 years 11 months and 21 days, and in the most prestigious club tournament of the continent – at 19 years 2 months and 9 days.

At the moment, Arribas has 13 matches for Real Madrid and 1 goal scored. This is much less than for Real Castilla (84 matches, 33 goals and 15 assists), but Sergio will definitely do everything to play as much as possible for the Blancos main team, becoming one of the new idols of the Santiago Bernabeu.

Transfermarkt values ​​Sergio Arribas at 3.5 million euros.

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