“A little sad to end, but this is the right decision” – CBS TV STREAMS

Two-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion Tiril Eckhoff commented on her decision to end her career as a biathlete.

“Now I finish with biathlon. I started doing it because my older brothers and sisters, Stian and Kaya, did it – I wanted to be as skilled as they are.

This goal took me longer than I could have imagined. I have been through a lot and feel incredibly blessed to have been able to live the life of my dreams for over 15 years. I happened to become the world champion on my native land in 2016. I will never forget this day, and it will forever remain as the best memory of my sports career.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and hurt me all these years; teammates, coaches, friends, family, sponsors and the public. There were some setbacks, but thanks to all of you, I was able to turn it into achievements and good memories.

Last March I won two races in Holmenkollen. I didn’t know then that these would be my last victories as a biathlete – the plans were to continue. When I finish now, I still think I’m doing it at the top – I was able to finish with two wins at home in front of a fantastic crowd, friends and immediate family.

It’s a little sad to finish, but at the same time I know that this is the right decision. Proud of what I have achieved and will always look back on my biathlon years with a smile,” Eckhoff wrote.

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2023-03-16 11:19:00


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