“About 6 thousand Russian fans unsubscribed from me” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the German national team Eric Lesser told why he decided to provide his Instagram account to Ukrainian Anastasia Merkushina.

“In early March, Nastya Merkushina was the manager of my Instagram account for 24 hours.

Once I met with Eduard Latypov, I gave him one of my bikes to train when he was “covid-positive”. After that I got a lot of fans from Russia.

Then I asked myself what I can do with these subscribers. Therefore, I decided to give these Russian fans the opportunity to look at the war from a different point of view.

I couldn’t post a video about the war with Ukraine because I don’t understand Ukrainian, I don’t understand Russian. I didn’t know where the videos were real and where they weren’t. Therefore, I decided to give the Ukrainian biathlete a voice on my page to show the real situation in Ukraine. About 60 thousand Russian fans signed up for me.

Effect? I lost a lot of Russian fans. They were influenced by Russian media and propaganda. About 6,000 unsubscribed from me,” Lesser said.

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2023-02-24 14:29:00


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