“Already used to the final stage in the relay” – CBS TV STREAMS

26-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Anton Dudchenko commented on the 5th place in the relay at the eighth stage of the World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

– Anton, you are probably already used to the last stage. And yet, how did you prepare for the start today, was there excitement?
– I’m already used to the final stage, but today I was a little worried, because the last two relay races did not quite come out, plus the Czech Republic had a penalty loop. Therefore, the unrest today was a little more than usual.

– How did you feel at the distance of the last lap, how did you manage to maintain such a high position?
– Tried to work on the last lap so as not to let the Austrian. Coaches gave information. Because he tried to control everything. When they already said that I could slow down a little, I decided to leave some strength for tomorrow.

– You said that you would discuss the strategy of the Sunday race with the coach after the relay. What is your mood for tomorrow?
– While the plans were not discussed, they just returned. Perhaps Yurai will tell you something. I’ll take a look at the situation myself. Work to show your maximum result at the start.

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2023-03-12 17:11:00


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