Anton DUDCHENKO: “These were childish mistakes” – CBS TV STREAMS

26-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Anton Dudchenko commented on the 12th place in the individual race at the eighth stage of the World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

– Anton, you made a mistake twice. What is the reason for the misses?
Yes, I made a mistake twice. These were my, if I may say, childish mistakes, so I am somewhat disappointed with the first firing lines. In the prone position, there was a miss, but on the stand, he didn’t prove it a bit, because there was a miss on the top.

– On the track you worked fast enough. How did you feel on the course and sparred with someone during the race to test your strength?
– I worked quite well on the track. Yes, in some areas I managed to run after Jacomel, I worked on the same lap with Perro. He tried to follow them wherever he could.

– Today, many top biathletes are sick with covid, among them our captain. Don’t you think that after the World Cup the athletes somehow relaxed in terms of personal protection? How do you feel about virus security measures?
– I don’t know what it is connected with, that there are so many positive tests for covid now. I try to wash my hands often and use hand sanitizer.

– You made it to the Sunday mass start. Will you plan any special race strategy with the coach?
– We have not thought about the mass start yet, because there is still a relay race ahead. And then we will talk about what and how.

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