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In 2023, the prize fund of the Australian Open will be 76.5 million Australian dollars ($1A=$0.67). Below you can see the distribution of prize money by rounds.

Recall that the prize money for men and women is the same.

Single dischargemain grid

Winner A$2,975,000 Finalist A$1,625,000 Round of 16 A$925,000 Round of 16 A$555,250 4th Round A$338,250 3rd Round A$227,925 2nd Round A$158,850 1st Round A$106,250

Doubles discharge (per team)

Winners A$695,000 Finalists A$370,000 Round of 16 A$210,000 Round of 16 A$116,500 3rd Round A$67,250 2nd Round A$46,500 1st Round A$30,975

Single dischargequalification

3rd Round A$55,150 2nd Round A$36,575 1st Round A$26,000

Mixed Doubles (per team)

Winners A$157,750 Finalists A$89,450 Round of 16 A$47,500 Round of 16 A$25,250 2nd Round A$12,650 1st Round A$6,600

Note that in 2022 the prize fund of the tournament was A$75 million.

The Australian Open will take place from 16 to 29 January.

Australian Open-2022. Prize money by rounds

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