Biathlon World Cup 2023. Jima placed 40th in the individual race – CBS TV STREAMS

In the German Oberhof, as part of the 2023 World Championship, the women’s individual race was held.

The gold medal was won by Hanna Oeberg, who missed only one target. Another Swede Lynn Persson, who shot without a miss, became the vice-champion of the world.

The bronze medal with one penalty minute was taken by Lisa Vittozzi from Italy. But the Ukrainians did not manage to run even in the top 30.

The best member of the Ukrainian national team was Yuliya Dzhima, who made 5 misses and took 40th place. Lyubov Kipyachenkova and Anna Krivonos made mistakes in shooting even more often, which is why they ended up at the end of the final protocol.

Race results:

1. Hanna Oeberg (1+0+0+0) 43:36.1
2. Lynn Persson (0+0+0+0) +10.3
3. Lisa Vittozzi (0+0+0+1) +28.0

40. Julia Jima (0+3+1+1) +5:45.5
82. Lyubov Kipyachenkova (0+3+1+4) +12:28.3
85. Anna Krivonos (0+4+1+1) +13:17.3

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