Biathlon World Cup 2023. Tishchenko took 12th place in the individual race – CBS TV STREAMS

In the German Oberhof, as part of the 2023 World Championship, the men’s individual race took place.

The best member of the Ukrainian national team was Artem Tishchenko, who became one of the few participants in the race who hit all 12 targets. The 29-year-old biathlete took 12th place, showing the best result in his career at the world championships.

Bogdan Tsymbal and Denis Nasyko missed two targets each and ended up at the bottom of the top 40, while Anton Dudchenko missed the end zone due to three inaccurate shots.

Another victory was won by the Norwegian Johannes Boe, who made two misses. Another Norwegian Sturla Legrade became a silver medalist, while Swede Sebastian Samuelsson won a bronze medal. Both have one penalty minute each.

Race results:

1. Johannes-Thingnes Boe (0+1+1+0) 49:57.5
2. Sturla Legrade (0+0+0+1) +1:10.7
3. Sebastian Samuelsson (0+0+1+0) +1:11.1

12. Artem Tishchenko (0+0+0+0) +4:02.5
39. Bogdan Tsymbal (2+0+0+0) +6:36.4
40. Denis Nasyko (1+0+0+1) +6:37.0
42. Anton Dudchenko (0+0+1+2) +6:48.3

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