Biathlon World Cup 2023. Ukraine failed single mixed relay – CBS TV STREAMS

In Oberhof, Germany, a single mixed relay took place as part of the 2023 World Cup.

The Ukrainian national team, represented by Anastasia Merkushina and Dmitry Pidruchny, could not even make it to the top 10.

The Ukrainians shot four penalty loops at once, used 11 spare cartridges and took 15th place. This is the worst result of Ukraine in single mixed doubles at the world championships.

The Norwegian team won the race, Austria took the second place, and the Italians won the bronze medals.

Race results:

1. Norway (1+6) 35:37.1
2. Austria (0+6) +13.8
3. Italy (2+9) +51.0
4. Sweden (1+12) +1:16.4
5. France (1+12) +1:21.9
6. Germany (1+12) +1:30.7

15. Ukraine (4+11) +2:48.2

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