Biathlon World Cup 2023. Ukraine took 14th place in the women’s relay – CBS TV STREAMS

In Oberhof, Germany, a women’s relay race was held as part of the 2023 Biathlon World Championships.

The national team of Ukraine was represented by Anastasia Merkushina, Daria Blashko, Lyubov Kipyachenkova and Elena Bilosyuk.

For four Ukrainian women used 8 spare cartridges, while Bilosyuk got three penalty loops at the last shooting. As a result, our team took 14th place.

The Italian team won the race, the Germans became the vice-champions of the world, and the representatives of Sweden won the bronze medals.

Race results:

1. Italy (0+2) 1:14:39.7
2. Germany (0+6) +24.7
3. Sweden (2+11) +55.7
4. France (1+12) +1:31.6
5. Austria (0+12) +2:08.0
6. Norway (4+13) +2:20.9

14. Ukraine (3+8) +7:13.1

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