“Blashko is not ready to run at her level” – CBS TV STREAMS

Daria Blashko’s coach Juraj Sanitra commented on her inclusion in the relay team at the 2023 World Cup instead of Yulia Dzhima:

“At the moment, Daria is not ready to run at her level. The situation before the relay was such that it was necessary to change Julia Jim. Therefore, Dasha will run as best she can now.

But I, as a coach, will say that she is not ready for a good result today, and besides, the conditions on the track are difficult. She can handle shooting, but she is not physically ready to fight the best athletes.”

Recall that Blashko suffered an illness before the 2023 World Cup, and in Oberhof she only ran a sprint – 84th place with the worst time on the track.

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2023-02-18 19:08:00


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