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Biathlete of the Swedish national team Sebastian Samuelsson commented on the bronze in the individual race at the 2023 World Championships in Oberhof, Germany.

“I was relaxed and enjoyed the race. After a tough season, I finally got to the podium in the pursuit (became third – approx.), so today I took off the pressure of responsibility and just enjoyed every moment.

In the morning I was in a good mood and was looking forward to going to the start. Upon arrival at the stadium, everyone felt how hot it was here, so further talk was only about difficult weather conditions and preparations for a difficult race.

Despite this, I tried to keep a positive attitude and think about the correct passage of the distance. After the first big climb, I felt that I had chosen the right pace, so I calmly ran further and seized the moment. Happy to earn another World Cup medal.

I twice became fourth in the individual race – at the Olympics and at the World Championships in Östersund. So before I was already close to a medal in this discipline, but every time something was missing. Fortunately, despite the miss on the fire, I was fast enough on the track.

On the last lap I had more energy so I was able to accelerate before the finish line. Fortunately, everything worked out. The current season was unfortunate for me – I never climbed the podium, so I felt insecure.

It seemed like I was doing everything wrong, every decision I made was a losing one, I heard criticism from everywhere. Fortunately, there were enough close people around who supported me in difficult moments of life.

Before the World Championships in Oberhof, I tried to flip through the page and start over. Gradually I shifted my focus of attention, instead of thinking about failures, I thought about actions in the next race. In the sprint, I had good speed on the track, and today I finished the competition with clean shooting on the last shooting. This gives me confidence before the next starts,” said Samuelson.

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