Canmore 2020. Dmitrenko out of top 10 in IBU Cup mass start – CBS TV STREAMS

Stage 6 continues in Canmore, Canada IBU Cup.

On February 28, the women’s mass start took place. Kristina Dmitrenko finished 13th, Nadezhda Belkina finished 26th

The top 3 included athletes from Norway, Germany and France.

A few days ago, 23-year-old Kristina Dmitrenko climbed the international podium for the first time in her adult career, winning bronze in the sprint.

IBU Cup. 6th stage. Kenmore (Canada)

Women. Mass start, February 26

1. Marte Krakstad Johansen (Norway) 36:52.6 (0+1+0+0) 2. Mareike Braun (Germany) +12.3 (0+0+0+0) 3. Gilonne Guigonnat (France) + 39.2 (0+0+1+1) 13. Kristina Dmitrenko (Ukraine) +1:54.1 (0+1+0+1) 26. Nadezhda Belkina (Ukraine) +3:20.9 (1+ 1+0+2)

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