Canmore 2023. Tishchenko again became the eighth in the sprint race – CBS TV STREAMS

The 7th round of the IBU Cup started in Canmore, Canada.

On March 1, a sprint race for men took place, in which three Ukrainians competed. The best among our compatriots was Artem Tishchenko, who took 8th place. Taras Lesyuk and Ruslan Tkalenko finished 10th and 11th respectively.

Note that at the previous stage, Tishchenko also took 8th place in the sprint race.

The first and second places were taken by athletes from Norway, and the Italian won the bronze.

IBU Cup. 7th stage. Kenmore (Canada)

Men. Sprint, March 1

1. Webjorn Sorum (Norway) (0+1) 25:35.5 2. Johan-Olav Botn (Norway) (1+0) +4.1 3. Daniele Cappellari (Italy) (0+0) +21, 9 8. Artem Tishchenko (Ukraine) (0+1) +1:10.8 10. Taras Lesyuk (Ukraine) (0+1) +1:15.2 11. Ruslan Tkalenko (Ukraine) (1+1) + 1:15.5

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