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In Canmore, Canada, a men’s sprint race was held as part of the sixth stage of the IBU Cup.

According to the results of the qualification, all three Ukrainians reached the final: Artem Tishchenko and Taras Lesiuk showed the second and fourth time respectively with clean shooting, and Ruslan Tkalenko became 15th with two misses.

In the final, Ukraine was still represented by only two athletes, since Lesyuk was forced to withdraw from participation due to a recent coronavirus infection.

Despite this, the race was full of drama. Artem Tishchenko, having closed 15 out of 15 on the first three firing lines, fought not just for a medal, but for a victory. And for sure Artem would have won the race if he had not made two misses in the final shooting. As a result, Tishchenko finished only sixth, losing to the Frenchman Emilien Claude for half a minute.

Another Ukrainian Ruslan Tkalenko performed unsuccessfully in the final. He did not manage to shoot clean even once, and therefore had to be content with 25th place.

Race results:

1. Emilien Claude (0+0+0+0) 20:45.7
2. Lukas Fratzscher (0+1+0+0) +5.0
3. Webjorn Soerum (1+1+1+0) +14.2

6. Artem Tishchenko (0+0+0+2) +29.9
25. Ruslan Tkalenko (2+1+2+1) +2:10.5

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