Canmore 2023. Ukraine became 7th in the mixed relay at the IBU Cup stage – CBS TV STREAMS

On Saturday, March 4, the mixed relay was held at the IBU Cup stage in the Canadian city of Kenmore.

The first place was taken by the Norwegian team.

The national team of Ukraine is located on the 7th place. The Ukrainian team in this race was represented by: Taras Lesyuk, Ruslan Tkalenko, Valeria Dmitrenko and Nadezhda Belkina.

IBU Biathlon Cup. Canmore, Canada

mixed relay

Norway – (1+9) Germany – 15.4 (1+4) France – 1.19.2 (1+11) Sweden – 1.28.0 (1+9) Italy – 1.51.5 (1+ 14) Austria – 2.09.4 (2+12)
Ukraine – 3.59.0 (1+12)

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