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Collina explained the amount of stoppage time in the England-Iran World Cup match


Chairman of the FIFA Refereeing Committee Pierluigi Collina explained why 24 minutes were added to the match of the 1st round of the 2022 World Cup England – Iran.

“We had a goalkeeper who was injured and he was treated for a total of about 11 minutes. And an England international with an injury that lasted three minutes. Thus, 14 out of 24 minutes were devoted to these two specific injuries.

And it should be remembered that there were eight goals with their celebration, plus one delay to restart the game due to a VAR check and one on-field viewing. There were many incidents that led to so much stoppage time, ”the FIFA official website quoted Collina as saying.

Earlier, Collina also generally spoke about why referees add an anomalous amount of time in the 2022 World Cup matches.

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2022-12-01 13:58:00

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