“Coming to the World Cup is already an achievement for me” – CBS TV STREAMS

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny showed 5th and 8th results in two races at the World Championships, which pleases the athlete, who has just recovered from a serious injury and surgery.

Earlier, Dmitry said that he did not believe in a trip to the World Cup at all.

“Thanks to the fans who are worried about my health and for me. I am very pleased to feel the support, everything is in order, the knee works well, but it still feels like it has not fully recovered, because certain sections of the track, when there is a big load, are difficult. But two races in a row at the moment is a bit hard for me. After all, I have only a month of training behind me. And before that, there was also more than a month break, so it’s not easy to accumulate strength for each race, although yesterday it was generally super. Today is a little harder, but I try to show the maximum.

I could not think that I would still be able to return and compete at the World Championships. Playing at the IBU Cup was like a test for me. I really wanted to go here, be with the team, play here, this is the main start of the season. The fact that I am here is already a great achievement, but the fact that I was able to impose a fight and get into the top 10 twice is an excellent result for me, and I am very happy,” Pidruchny said.

However, the athlete will be forced to miss the individual race of the World Championship.

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