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Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Daria Blashko commented on the 9th place in the women’s relay at the eighth stage of the World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

– Now I can’t run well with my feet and this needs to be compensated by shooting. Therefore, I try to shoot accurately every start. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn’t. Everything went well in prone shooting today. But on the second shooting I made a miss from the clip. And when I worked with the first spare, I mentally ran after the Austrian, so I finished off the target with the second and ran to the last lap.

– As you pass along the track, your speed dropped. What’s up with this component? How did you feel on the run?
– The first two laps were constant contact with other athletes. From the first circle already worked at a maximum. But because I reached for two additional ones, I was left without contact on the last lap. It was hard to keep up the pace. But she endured to the last meter.

I understood that it was necessary to pass the baton to Nastya – and the sooner the better. I think that today there was no such failure in terms of speed. And some sites managed to hold on to Elvira Oeberg and Marketa Davidova. And this is already pleasing, it’s not four minutes, as it was in Oberhof.

– This is your last start in Östersund. Will you take part in the races of the last round of the World Cup in Holmenkollen?
– Yes, we are moving to Holmenkollen on Monday. I hope that everything will be fine, that I will start there. You have to stay healthy because everyone around you gets sick. We need to cope with this situation and normally finish the season.

By the way, this will be my first start in Holmenkolen – I have never started there before. This will be something new for me. Always dreamed of competing there. Then there will be the Ukrainian Championship, which I want to go to compete, to make a little seaming.

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