“Dawn would have been a champion.” Guerrero is about the strength of the team. But there is one condition

Zorya Lugansk forward Eduardo Guerrero, who is known to be from Panama, shared his opinion about the team’s theoretical chances for the championship in Panama and Israel, where he previously played.

“Of course, there is a big difference between the championships of Panama and Israel. In Panama, Zorya would have been the champion, and in Israel, at least, they would have fought for the highest places. The level of football is different everywhere. There are more tactics in Ukraine, more technical players. Zorya is a very good team with a good selection of players.

Of course, I heard that many Zorya players became and are now players of top clubs and top championships. I know that I can move from Zorya to some club and play in Europe. For example, it would be very difficult to do this from Panama,” Guerrero admitted.

Earlier, Guerrero gave an assessment of the level of the championship in the Ukrainian Premier League.

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2023-04-05 08:52:00

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