Dudchenko and Jima took 9th place in the mass start at the Christmas race – CBS TV STREAMS

On Wednesday, November 28, the Christmas Race 2022 takes place in the German city of Gelsenkirchen.

The race consists of two parts in the mixed relay format: mass start and pursuit. The pursuit will be a decisive race and will determine the winners.

Ukraine is represented Yulia Dzhima and Anton Dudchenko, who finished 9th in the mass start.

Note that the pursuit will start at 20:30. Watch the video broadcast of the race on Sport.ua.

Christmas Race 2022 Mass Start

Vetle Shostad Christiansen – Ingrid Lanmark Tandrevold (Norway) – 33.46.7 Fabien Claude – Julie Simon (France) – 25.4 Michal Krchmarzh – Marketa Davydova (Czech Republic) – 25.9 Felix Leitner – Lisa Teresa Hauser (Austria) – 49, 4 Philipp Navrat – Vanessa Voigt (Germany) – 58.5 Josha Burkhalter – Elena Hekki-Gross (Switzerland) – 1.10.8 Benedikt Doll – Denise Hermann-Wieck (Germany) – 1.19.9 Terro Seppälä – Marie Eder (Finland) – 1.40.8 Anton Dudchenko – Julia Jima (Ukraine) – 1.42.3 Tommaso Giacomel – Dorothea Wierer (Italy) – 1.42.6

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