“Each start at the World Cup is always motivation and new experience” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Denis Nasyko commented on the 81st place in the sprint race at the World Cup stage in Holmenkollen, Norway.

– The season for me at the stages of the World Cup has ended, but the Ukrainian championship is still ahead. So the results have not been summed up yet. I’ll do it a little later when I get home. I will sit quietly, analyze everything and draw conclusions.

– Have you added confidence, strength or motivation to perform at the World Cup?
– Of course, they added strength, motivation, and experience. Each start here is always motivation and new experience. However, I always had motivation, and I think for myself that I made a lot of conclusions during the season from the starts. Gained experience.

– Which race was remembered by something more than others?
– Everyone was remembered, everyone had a struggle, everyone worked to the last. But those who have shown the best result so far are remembered more.

– What will you do after the season, because you are waiting for a short break?
– You need to recover well, be with your family, you need to pay attention to them, spend time with your daughter – this is also important for me. The daughter is growing. And yes, I miss my wife. I haven’t been home for a month and a half, I miss it very much. I also want to thank the service for the season, many thanks to the coaches, the whole team.

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2023-03-17 06:30:00


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