Elena ZUBRILOVA: “It hurts me a lot” – CBS TV STREAMS

One of the most titled biathletes in the history of Ukraine, Elena Zubrilova, who has been working in Belarus for many years, shared her views on the war in Ukraine.

– Do you have an answer to the question why the Belarusian national team was removed from international tournaments?
“Recently sport has become political. Many politicians from other countries have politicized sports. Sports should be out of politics.

Is this dogma?
– It’s a dogma. Because an athlete, going to a distance, competes with himself, with the distance and rivals.

– Do you notice that athletes from other countries negatively perceive information about our possible return? Why are they negative?
– It is difficult to get into the heads of other athletes. There must be something that pushes them to do it. Maybe it’s the fear of additional competition, maybe some other reasons.

We live in a difficult geopolitical situation. I think you are experiencing it in a special way.
– Yes, it hurts a lot. My relatives are there. Very painful. We hope that everything will end there in the near future, we will live in peace, we will communicate and be friends,” Zubrilova said.

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2023-03-01 15:03:00


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