European Championship 2023 in biathlon. Tsymbal took 17th place in persuit – CBS TV STREAMS

In Lenzerheide, Switzerland, the men’s pursuit race was held as part of the 2023 European Championships in biathlon.

Bohdan Tsymbal became the best in the Ukrainian national team, who took 17th place with two misses.

The entire medal set goes to Norway. Webjorn Soerum became the European champion, Erlenn Bjontegaard won the silver medal, and Endre Stremsheim closed the top three.

Race results:

1. Webjorn Soerum (1+0+0+1) 34:37.5
2. Erlenn B’entegor (0+2+0+0) +28.1
3. Endre Stromsheim (0+0+1+2) +1:03.7

17. Bogdan Tsymbal (0+0+0+2) +2:42.7
24. Denis Nasiko (1+1+0+0) +3:16.2
25. Artem Tishchenko (0+0+1+1) +3:31.2
34. Taras Lesiuk (2+2+0+2) +4:24.5
DNS. Artem Prima
DNS. Anton Dudchenko

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2023-01-28 19:19:00

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