“Everyone is set up in a fighting way to run the season well” – CBS TV STREAMS

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny at the first stage of the World Cup after the end of the World Cup showed the 32nd result in the sprint in Nove Mesto.

The best among Ukrainians was Anton Dudchenko – 17th.

“My discomfort is constant in the knee, because the ligaments and muscles have not fully recovered, I feel that the right leg is a little weaker than the left. And just like at the World Championships, so here, I feel that some sections of the route are more difficult for me than they should be. But I try to use my abilities on other sections of the route. I hope that what happened at the World Cup will not be repeated, as with each race it starts to hurt more and more. Let’s see, maybe some races will need to be skipped in order to finish the season normally.

“The mood, as always, is fighting, competitive. Apparently, there was a moral reset – as for me, so, I see, for the rest of the guys. Everyone is set up in a fighting way to run this season well, everyone is trying to do their best. Therefore, I hope that we will fulfill certain tasks that we face for this season,” Pidruchny said.

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2023-03-03 01:40:00


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