“Everyone saw what Russia is and how it built its empire” – CBS TV STREAMS

WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight world champion Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) said that he rethought after Russia’s full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

“Rethought a lot. That for many years, even before I was born, for many years there was Soviet propaganda that spoke in one direction that was beneficial to it. Our parents heard it, saw it. Grandmothers, grandfathers, then we were born, saw and heard our children.

But now, with a full-blown invasion, I think the curtains have opened and a lot of people have seen. Including me and everyone who sees what is happening now. For us, what is happening is a terrible grief. But for us Ukrainians, this is a new start for a new Ukraine. For young people, for my children, for young people who now see what Russia is and how it built its empire,” Usyk said.

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2023-02-21 18:24:00


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