“Fans write that it’s time for me to give way to the young” – CBS TV STREAMS

The captain of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team, Dmitry Pidruchny, said that he is fine with constructive criticism on the Internet.

“Everything happens in biathlon, and most fans understand this. He understands that there are certain reasons. Somewhere I made mistakes. Therefore, I treat criticism normally, since there were such grievances here, and not criticism. When they write to me that I am “so-and-so”, and it’s time to quit sports and give way to the young … how should I take it? And there are also fans who criticize, but without personal insults, then I perceive this as normal, because they have the right to express their opinion, share it with everyone. They have the right to comment on the race, it’s their right.

– That is, when criticism does not go beyond logic and respect, do you perceive it?
– Certainly. I understand that I could make a mistake somewhere, people criticize me for this. I’m not a robot, I could be wrong. Likewise, the fans can criticize me. Not only they criticize me, I also hear comments from coaches: “I shouldn’t have done this”, “I should have done it like that”. But when these are normal words, constructive remarks, without offense, then I perceive them calmly. Maybe the fans do not understand all the subtleties at some point in the race, but that’s normal. They are often guided by emotions. I also get quite emotional, for example, when I watch football and criticize my favorite players. I am also a fan, I have been a fan of Liverpool for many years, if something doesn’t work out for them, of course, I don’t write comments to them, but I will still criticize myself. Therefore, if criticism is normal, I perceive it, what is there to be offended by.

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2023-02-27 19:11:00


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