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Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk (20–0, 13 KOs) said in a video message that he accepted the offer of the British Tyson Fury (33–0–1, 24 KOs) on the distribution of the fee 70 to 30 (in favor of Fury), but with one condition.

The Briton is to donate £1 million to help Ukrainians affected by the war unleashed by the aggressor Rashist country.

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Fury has not yet answered anything, and before that in one of the videos he said: “Usyk, you are a piece of shit! Sign the contract, you ugly bastard!”

How this skirmish will end is not yet clear, but it is expected that the fight for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion between Usyk and Fury will take place on April 29 in London at Wembley.

Naturally, such messages of two famous boxers caused a big stir in social networks. Here’s what boxing fans think:

followthefavs: “I love Fury as a fighter, but Usyk really makes me root for him😭.”

Blue Brazil: “People are crazy about Fury. He entered the ring with Wilder 3 times. Not afraid of man. This will be a battle. Usyk doesn’t have the strength to knock out the Gypsy King, his best hope is to “win on points”.

Anurag: “Fury – Messi in boxing, how many times a person retired and returned. I was glad to see it.”

Alex: “Fury is just a thief. 70/30? He challenges without belts?! Wilder went with him for a 50/50 fee in the first fight.”

BIGSAM98🐼: “Now Tyson Fury has nowhere to run and no fucking excuses😂😂😂🥊…that’s why I love Usyk.”

Kevin: “A curse. There should be a bigger cut for the champion. Just do the standard 60/40 division of each fight with a winner with 1 rematch. Both can have a 100% chance.”

LoveHateTwter: “Damn, love, Usyk, legend.”

Paul Kershaw: “I always support the British. However, I think I want to see Usyk win. Fury is terrible.”

⚽ Rei GB ⚽: “Wow… Interesting. I think Usyk’s request is not difficult for Fury.”

James: “Usyk just called Fury’s bluff.”

Oleksandr Usyk has ACCEPTED Tyson Fury’s offer of a 70/30 split for an undisputed fight on April 29th at Wembley Stadium! 🥊

Only as long as @Tyson_Fury donates £1m to @usykaa’s homeland of Ukraine 🇺🇦


— SPORTbible (@sportbible) March 10, 2023

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