“Help for Ukraine? What is one million out of 60 for Fury? – CBS TV STREAMS

Promoter Eddie Hearn appreciated the deal between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, according to which the Briton will receive 70% of the fee, and will also have to transfer one million euros to help Ukraine.

“After Usyk’s statement, Fury no longer had a choice. Although, if the fight had not taken place, then I would have planned the Joshua vs Fury fight for the summer. Fury will receive 70% of the royalties. A million for Ukraine? What is one million for Fury if he gets 60?

“Probably still not the amount that Tyson wanted, but 70 to 30 is a good option for him,” Hearn said.

The fight is expected to take place on April 29.

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2023-03-12 00:12:00


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