Holmenkollen-2023. Johannes Boe updated the record by winning the mass start – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Norwegian Holmenkollen, the men’s program of the final stage of the Biathlon World Cup ended with a mass start race.

Ukrainian biathletes did not take part in the last race of the season because they did not meet the qualification conditions.

A record 19th victory of the season was won by the Norwegian Johannes Boe, who was not prevented even by two penalty laps.

The other two winners closed all the targets. Swiss Niklas Hartweg won the silver medal, and Vetle Christiansen won the bronze medal.

Race results:

1. Johannes-Thingnes Boe (1+0+0+1) 38:51.9
2. Niklas Hartweg (0+0+0+0) +26.2
3. Vetle Schostad Christiansen (0+0+0+0) +35.2

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