Holmenkollen-2023. Johannes Boe won the sprint, the Ukrainians did not get into the top 40 – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Norwegian Holmenkollen, the ninth stage of the Biathlon World Cup started with a men’s sprint race.

The titled Norwegian Johannes Boe won the race, despite one miss and suffered a coronavirus, showing a phenomenal speed of passing the distance. For him, this is the 17th victory of the season.

The company Be-younger on the podium was the Swede Martin Ponsiluoma and the German Benedikt Doll, who managed to shoot without a miss.

Ukrainian biathletes failed to close 10 targets out of 10. Moreover, all of them ended up outside the top 40 and, as a result, did not score points in the overall World Cup standings.

For Artem Tishchenko and Denis Nasyko, this season is already over, as both did not run into the top 60, and therefore did not qualify for the pursuit.

Bogdan Tsymbal became the best in our team, he has one penalty loop in passive and 44th final place.

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2023-03-16 21:35:00


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