“I almost had a heart attack! You have to sue”

The head coach of Minai Vladimir Sharan commented on the accusations of the contractual nature of the match of the 19th round of the UPL with Ingulets (1:2).

“What are you? No *** but to yourself! Did Bolotnikov say that? I almost had a heart attack, and he says match-fixing. This is just nonsense! Such n***** owls that write such x *** yu must be rotted!

Let the club sue him. Otherwise it is impossible in this situation! I will rot him! Instead of raising Ukrainian football, they are trying to lower my image and the club. It doesn’t fit in my head.

Agreements are visible from the first minutes! What are three times three? It’s not the 90s to fuck three by three! What is he talking about? I built my entire career in an honest and decent way, I never even thought about it.

The miller himself cannot explain why he pulled out his hands, he became cloudy. He’s been walking around for three days, I don’t know what to do with him. The guy is very upset,” said Sharan.

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2023-04-04 02:03:00

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