“I collected all the inventory from scratch” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Daria Blashko spoke about the lost equipment at the ski base in Chernihiv in the early days of a full-scale war.

– All equipment, including skis and a rifle, all sportswear was destroyed in Chernihiv. Where did you get the new equipment?
– Rossignol helped me a lot. I contacted their representative, and the company sent me a whole box of things, skis, poles. Marve sent me roller skis. Swix sent more sticks. Julbo handed over glasses. That is, I collected the entire inventory from scratch. I am very grateful to all of them for their help.

– And the rifle, can you send it by mail?
– Yes, the Ministry is responsible for weapons. I had to switch to another German-made Anschütz rifle after my barrel burned down in Chernihiv. When the team was able to leave, they gave me a new barrel. The bed was made by her master in Bulgaria from scratch. Before the gathering in Syanki, I managed to collect everything, but I did not leave for the gathering itself. I did not want to return to Ukraine then, because I had just begun to move away from everything that we had experienced.

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