“I could leave because I am a resident of the UK”

Former football player of Dynamo Kyiv, Scottish Rangers and the Ukrainian national team Oleksiy Mikhailichenko told why he lives and works in Ukraine, despite the opportunity to travel abroad.

– In the early 90s, you were the leader of the Rangers and successfully played in the Champions League. But only 2 matches were played for the Ukrainian national team. Why?
– It’s hard for me to talk about it. When Bazilevich was there, I did not receive an invitation. Only Szabo invited me – those were the times when I had two operations in a year and stopped playing. But I am very proud that I put on the jersey of the Ukrainian national team. Then he continued as a coach of youth, youth and adult teams. This is the highest peak for both a football player and a coach.

– Having the opportunity to live in the UK, you returned to Ukraine in the 90s. After February 24, 2022, we also stayed here in Kyiv. What was your thought process then and now?
– The same. I returned because I love my country, my friends, my city, my Dynamo club, the Ukrainian national team. I want to live here, work here. I could still leave now, because I am a UK resident.

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2023-04-04 07:37:00

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