“I didn’t train so much for this” – CBS TV STREAMS

27-year-old biathlete of the national team of Ukraine Daria Blashko shared her opinion on the further continuation of her career.

There are two ways in sports. Or finish when it doesn’t work out and there is a feeling that it won’t work out. And the second way: get up off your knees and move on. For now I choose the second way.

– Do you have a feeling that everything will work out?
– Yes, I have. I have invested too much in sports. In fact, sport took everything from me, but gave very little. I hope my efforts should pay off. It’s not about the material. Everything that was invested: strength, energy, time, health… it must somehow return. Something is not out yet. Clearly, there are lessons to be learned from this. Make the right conclusions. It will be right to give yourself another year of preparation. Although, ideally, I would expect to run for the next Olympics. Very interesting Olympic Games await us, finally, not on some other continents, but at a familiar stadium.

I am not satisfied with today’s results, I did not train so much for this. I want to give myself another chance. And no one knows how any of the athletes would have coped with a similar situation. Only after a while you understand how all this affects you, and a reassessment of values ​​​​occurs. No matter how you want, you start looking at the world differently.

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2023-02-18 12:39:00


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