“I felt like prey being chased by pursuers” – CBS TV STREAMS

Swedish biathlete Hanna Oeberg commented on her victory in the mass start at the 2023 World Championships in Oberhof, Germany.

“The last lap was very difficult. At the exit from the stadium, my advantage over my rivals was small, so I ran at maximum speed until the finish line. I really felt like prey being chased by pursuers (smiles). Happy that I was able to cross the finish line first, I enjoyed the race and today’s victory!

I didn’t get much useful information from the coaches and team members on the track – the fans were very loud and active and drowned out the prompts. The only thing I experienced on the last lap was incredible support. I think this is the only thing I needed at that moment.

The results of the World Cup are very important to me. In the last one and a half to two years, I have lost the joy and pleasure of biathlon. Now all these sensations together returned to me. Only now I realize how many positive emotions have passed by during this period. The ability to feel lifted from my work again is much more significant for me than the number of medals received at Oberhof. I really enjoyed this championship, from the first to the last moment,” Oeberg said.

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