“I immediately said that Rotan does not need to lead the national team”

The former coach of the national team of Ukraine Myron Markevich criticized the appointment of Ruslan Rotan to the position of acting. head coach of the Ukrainian national team.

– I immediately said that this should not have been done. There was no need to offer at all. Rotan is such a guy that he probably could not refuse. But, as time has shown, he did not have to agree, but to focus on the youth team. Because the final of Euro 2023 among the youth is ahead, God forbid that we go to the Olympics, and he needs to concentrate on one thing. Ruslan stayed and, I think, he doesn’t need to go any further.

– How would you rate Ruslan Rotan’s work with the national team in the match against England in the Euro 2024 qualifier?
– What is there to evaluate? He cooked for five days. This is not serious. Moreover, they got on such a team. The players themselves should have been more serious about it. That way you can’t lose. It was necessary to support him somehow, since he was entrusted, the players should have shown more zeal.

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2023-04-05 12:49:00

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