“I like it when there are some extreme weather conditions” – CBS TV STREAMS

23-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Kristina Dmitrenko spoke about preparations for the starts at the next IBU Cup in Kenmore.

– Due to severe frosts, starts in Kenmore were postponed several times. How did you manage to keep fit and competitive tone?
– Yes, the frosts here were what you need. For two days my sister and I did not train on the street, we went to the gym, we did training there and kept fit. Of course, it was possible to dress warmly and go out, but the very cold air directly burned my throat.

– There is a very difficult wind at the stadium, but in both the sprint and the super sprint qualification you shot clean – one of the few. Is there some secret?
– There is no secret. Now there is confidence, and I generally like it when there are some extreme weather conditions.

– In the final of the super sprint, unfortunately, the clean series was interrupted. Do you regard the 19th place as a success, or as a step back from the podium a day ago?
– I made certain conclusions for myself from the race, and I didn’t feel any pressure after yesterday’s podium. If not for those two annoying dimensions at the first shooting, one could, so to speak, fight for places under the sun. But the wind has made its own adjustments – I’m not upset because of this. I worked out the race, it was very interesting to run it, because I overtook my rivals on the track, who at the beginning of the season were head and shoulders stronger, and now I can set my own pace for some.

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2023-03-01 16:26:00


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