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The head coach of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team Juraj Sanitra spoke about the condition of Artem Pryma.

“I think that after five years of our cooperation with Artem, I know what condition he is in. I saw that he really wants to compete in the relay, he showed himself well in the race. Therefore, I trusted him, did not doubt his shooting. And after those mistakes that he made in the race, he tactically concentrated, followed all the instructions and passed the baton as he should have after the first stage. 20 seconds – it was an ideal gap for Artem Prima, who was running second.

We need to explain the situation with Artem Prima. This season, in December 2022, he had an operation that affected the fact that he could not train at the beginning of January. Even during this operation, he had COVID-19, so he was very slow in preparing for the World Cup. And now there are such personal health problems that I have no right to talk about. But Artem is great, he helped the team a lot. I think he should be thanked after all this, because he risked his health so that the team was in the position it is in.

I don’t think at all that Prima will end her career. If his health allows, I need him for another season. His experience, attitude to training is an example for young people. He himself can take any position in the team. So, if his health allows, I would like to see even further during the training in the first team,” said Sanitra.

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2023-03-13 17:18:00


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