“I really wanted to start, and not just train” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Artem Tishchenko commented on the 12th place in the individual race at the 2023 World Championships.

– When did you find out that you were going to start?
“In general, the exact information appeared this morning. But in the evening they warned that there might be a chance to speak.

– Sanitra said that you and Nasyko prepared for every race. How did you approach this start?
“Honestly, today I was planning a day of rest for myself. But it so happened that I had to run the race. I’m glad that I had such a chance to run, I really wanted to start, and not just train.

– That is, when is the day of rest for you to run better than when is the day of the start?
– I didn’t really prepare for the race, because I knew that the chances were to start. But lucky. Less worried, maybe. Actually, I rarely ran at the World Championships. I am glad that we were able to show such a result. Haven’t fired four zeros in a long time. It was pretty easy to shoot here, especially on the rack. There were no such problems as before. Pretty confident shooting today.

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2023-02-15 18:46:00


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