“I saw signs of progressive football in Chernomorets”

Chornomorets coach Roman Grigorchuk after the 2-2 draw with Shakhtar is pleased with the football that the Odesa team managed to show in the UPL match.

– Thanks to what did the team manage to withstand the blow today and get the result?
– It so happened that we conceded in the first minute, but then we started playing the way we wanted from the very beginning. Fortunately, this did not upset us, and the team very clearly did what we agreed on and worked on. And I will say that today’s game, both on the part of the opponent and on our part, included very serious football components. We are very pleased with this, because there were indeed signs of real progressive football, which we want to play. Yes, there were mistakes, there was no complete picture, but I would call this game our achievement at the moment.

– Is it correct to say that Chornomorets made good use of the space provided by Shakhtar? And how has your team changed compared to the first round of the championship?
– As for the first question, one of the components that I spoke about, and it is very important, is that we do not use what the opponent gives, but acquire it by certain actions. We ourselves extract space, opportunities – and this is the result of both physical and tactical work. This is one of the components related to very serious football. As for the second question, our team has changed a lot – a number of players have come in who are quickly integrating into our game. At the same time, the group of people that we had began to understand each other better and the style that we want to play. And therefore I can say that we are now acting much better than it was in the first part of the season.

– Can we say that today’s game was the best of the season for Chornomorets from a tactical point of view?
– No, I can’t say that this game is the best in such deep tactical and strategic things. If we analyze all our games, I would say that in tactical terms, our best game was the match against Metalist, no matter how strange it may seem to you. I really liked the game in a tactical sense. There were a lot of moments that we can put into the asset and say that we were able to do it. In general, in every game we were different, but different in a good way, in the right way.

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2023-04-02 17:51:00

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