“I want to get home as soon as possible” – CBS TV STREAMS

25-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Bogdan Tsymbal summed up the results of the current season of the World Cup.

– Bogdan, this season is almost over. After each case, as a rule, a person sums up. What was the past season like for you?
“I haven’t done any results yet. But this season, of course, I did not like my course on the track. Considering last season, it was much worse this season, although the results were more stable, but consistently not very good. I don’t like it very much. I pulled it up a little in shooting, but there are mistakes, and they are so unpleasant when you can shoot much better, but still there are omissions. It is unpleasant. But so far, such serious results have not been summed up with the coaches. It seems to me that the season was not a very good success – I wanted it to be better. But the season has passed and we can only draw conclusions to make things better in the future.

– Are there any special events or moments at the World Cup that you remember especially?
– There were usual starts: good and bad. When there were good starts, it was nice to call home on the phone and communicate with relatives. But I didn’t have those special moments.

– What do you plan to work on especially carefully before future starts? What needs to be corrected at work?
– Once again, I repeat that I did not analyze with the coaches. Now it is clear that there are problems with the course on the ski track. And with that, I think something needs to be done. But all this needs to be discussed with the coaches, and then decided.

– Before collecting and starting preparations for the next season, what will you do?
“I can’t say anything yet, I just want to get home as soon as possible. But we still have work in the championship of Ukraine. And then we’ll see what happens and how. Maybe it will be possible to roll up well if it snows. If not, I’ll run crosses at home. So what to do? Then you need to rest a bit and fight again. We need to gain strength, be patient and motivated. And I think everything will be fine.


2023-03-17 15:11:00


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