“I will take on projects that will help Ukraine and Ukrainians” – CBS TV STREAMS

WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA title holder Oleksandr Usyk is preparing for one of the main fights of his career for the title of undisputed world champion in the hevive against Briton Tyson Fury.

While the whole world is waiting for the announcement of the date of the fight, which has every chance of being the main sporting event of the year and a real boxing bestseller, the Ukrainian is training, continues to help his compatriots through his own charitable foundation Usyk Foundation and does not get tired of talking about Ukraine and its needs.

In his busy schedule, the Parimatch Responsible Gaming Ambassador found time for a special interview.

In an exclusive conversation for the YouTube channel Parimatch Ukraine, the boxer speaks frankly about his own year in the war, meeting with Zelensky, participating in the promotion of the global fundraising initiative United24 and, of course, Tyson Fury.

– I feel good, thank God! I’m in training camp getting ready for my next fight with Tyson Fury. Promoters communicate, managers communicate… I think that a lot depends on one person in particular, this is Tyson Fury.

About the year of the war and the work of our own charitable foundation
During the year of the war, I realized that I was silent about some things. What you need more is to devote yourself to the family. And the third is that there is only one warrior in the field.

The Usyk Foundation has a very cool team. I participate partially when I have time for it. We help the military with cars, equipment, clothing. Just ordinary people in need of ordinary things like clothes, food, shelter. I just as an independent unit would not have done anything, but those people who help me with this, they have great respect.

On the meeting with Zelensky
When we came to meet him, he had such a smile. I understand how much work he does, I understand that sleep should be out of the question. But when he saw us, it was like a rest for him. These thirty or forty minutes we talked with him, a little tête-à-tête, he asked how things were going, how was the family. Our sons just communicate, they were together in kindergarten, they study at school. I understand that after us he had a meeting and it was 8 pm. His performance. She doesn’t impress, she inspires! I think that few former presidents could do this.

About British partners and British rivals
This is boxing! I didn’t beat him or humiliate him in any way. This is boxing, we enter the ring, and he beats me and I will try to beat him. This is part of the job. I know that Anthony called Wladimir (Klitschko) and asked how he could be useful for Ukraine, to help. And for that, I have double respect for him.

About Tyson Fury’s belly
Treshtok in my understanding are some dirty things. Where you humiliate your opponent and call him names somehow insulting. For example, when I talk about Tyson Fury Belly, in my understanding, this is a little bit sweet. Well, belly, well, what’s so offensive, belly. Especially since he has it! He, in turn, speaks a little harsher about me. But it doesn’t humiliate me in any way. Well, he talks and talks. Let him speak.

About Berinchyk in his undercard
I’m against. I don’t want a madman boxing on my undercard. I’m kidding. It all depends on Alexander Krasyuk, he is a promoter, and he will negotiate. I am in favor of as many Ukrainians as possible boxing on my undercard, but this is all the work of the promoter.

About 100 million for Mudrik and the love of football
I think it’s worth a little more than 100 million. Because I’m watching this guy. By the way, I saw him for the first time, they probably played in a team of 18 or 19 year olds. Hairstyle that catches the eye, tattoos, that is, he played, and I watched him, and I liked it. It seems to me that this young man can bring the fourth Ballon d’Or to Ukraine. I like to watch football more than boxing, on TV or just live. England like it. There is tougher football. There are fewer falling boys who roll half a field and shout: “Ai-ai-ai!”. There, the leg went to the leg, the bone sticks out, and he runs on. I like this kind of football.

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