“I would like to run like this more often” – CBS TV STREAMS

The captain of the women’s biathlon team of Ukraine Olena Bilosyuk commented on the 6th place in the mixed relay at the seventh stage of the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

– Elena, according to the impressions of the fans, Elena Pidhrushnaya returned today at the second stage of the relay. What are your feelings about the race?
– The same. Everyone congratulates me, as if I won the World Cup. Of course, it was very nice that I felt fine on the track and could hold on to those girls who were walking in front of me.

I knew that I could fight them. And already when I managed to shoot clean while standing, the coaches started shouting that I was going third, I also saw two leaders in front, the girls were also quite close behind me.

They bypassed me, I still held on to them, stood in the back, then rolled down the slope. By the way, the skis today were great. And on the final climb, we managed to fight and pass the baton before our rivals.

– Fighting on the last meters – revenge on Hanna and Lena over the past years?
No, I don’t even think about such things. I have my own race, I have Artem Prima, who needed to conveniently pass the baton, plus coaches who shouted along the track to try to make at least a few meters off.

That is, I just did my job, and I didn’t even think about any previous rivalries. This is already history.

But it was nice after the race when Lena Hekki came up and congratulated me on a good last lap.

Although I understand that this season is almost the only race when I really managed to stay together with such rivals. Like good old times.

And indeed everyone congratulated us – both ours and foreigners, servicemen and firms. I would like to run more like this. After such races, you understand why you are still in biathlon.


2023-03-06 05:56:00


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