“IBA is headed by a man who changed his last name for the sake of Putin” – CBS TV STREAMS

“Eternal” WBC world heavyweight champion, as well as the Kiev mayor Vitaliy Klichko commented on the decision of the International Boxing Association (IBA) to allow boxers from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to participate in international competitions under their own flags and with their own anthems.

“On the one hand, it’s very bad, the guys don’t take part in tournaments, so they don’t get enough experience. The more practice, the better, but I want to say again that the IBA has now become a political tool in the hands of the Russians. He has a disgraceful reputation. The IBA is led by a man who changed his last name to be closer to Putin, the Kremlin is not his real name.

I believe that sport, which has great power, should be an example of when champions show that they are honest, open, principled people. Firstly, in this case, I am convinced that our athletes and athletes from other countries made the right decision not to participate in competitions where Russian and Belarusian athletes compete. Secondly, the question now is whether boxing will be represented under the auspices of the IBA in the program of the Olympic Games,” Klitschko said.

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2023-03-15 14:07:00


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