“IBA wants to show that athletes from the Russian Federation have nothing to do with the war” – CBS TV STREAMS

President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine Kirill Shevchenko spoke about the decision of the International Boxing Association (IBA) to take tough measures against the federations of the countries that decided to boycott the World Championship due to the fact that the teams of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus were admitted to it.

“These are all their political games. They must somehow react to this, because they have no other choice. They are well aware that this is a road to nowhere, almost every day more and more countries are boycotting tournaments under the auspices of the IBA. We did not receive a letter, but we were the first, of course, to refuse to compete in competitions where Russians and Belarusians are present, everyone knows this very well …

We have a clear position of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine from the first day, the same position of the President of Ukraine, the authorities, the NOC of Ukraine. And we do not deviate from this position. All the countries supporting us express their solidarity with us, we are very grateful to all of them. The IBA is trying to somehow hold its position and show that athletes from Russia and Belarus have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine,” Shevchenko said.

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2023-03-05 17:55:00


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