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Idre-2022. Mandzyn finished 25th in the sprint


In Idra, Sweden, the program of the first stage of the IBU Cup continued with the men’s sprint race.

Ukraine was represented by 4 biathletes, but none of them managed to even get into the top 20.

The best in our team was Vitaliy Mandzyn, who took 25th place. He made one miss in standing shooting.

The race was won by the Norwegian Endre Strömsheim, who, thanks to his incredible speed, managed to win after two penalty laps.

Race results:

1. Endre Strömsheim (1+1) 26:09.7
2. Mats Everby (0+0) +8.2
3. Philip Horn (0+1) +18.0

25. Vitaliy Mandzyn (0+1) +1:40.2
27. Artem Tishchenko (0+1) +1:45.9
59. Alexander Ponomarenko (0+1) +3:23.8
65. Ruslan Tkalenko (2+4) +3:34.1

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2022-11-29 20:58:00

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