“If Fury wants that kind of money, then let him go to Hollywood” – CBS TV STREAMS

Promoter Oleksandr Krasyuk hopes that Tyson Fury will stop inflating financial requests for a fight for all heavyweight titles against Oleksandr Usyk.

“Fury wants more money, but how to justify it? Just because he’s English? Fury can say that he is capable of putting together Wembley, and it doesn’t matter who he fights – Usyk or the guy from the supermarket. But it doesn’t work like that. If you want that kind of money, then go to Hollywood.”

“And if you are a king, then prove it. Only Fury can spoil the situation, because Usyk is ready to negotiate, money is not in the first place for him. He knows that winning in the ring will bring money anyway. Perhaps Tyson justifies the risk this way, because with Usyk he has the greatest chance of losing his status and popularity.

“I hope he accepts fair conditions and the fight doesn’t fall apart,” Krasyuk said.

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2023-02-15 17:27:00


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