“If you get to the start, you have to fight to the end” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Denis Nasyko commented on the 40th place in the individual race at the 2023 World Championships.

– I tuned in to the race, as always, positively. There was, of course, excitement, but I think I coped with it. There is always excitement before every race.

– What tasks did you have for the individual race?
– The task is to concentrate as much as possible on the firing lines, to show a stable move on the track.

– Today it was quite warm, in connection with this, how did you work on the track, because your starting number was rather late, didn’t it prevent you from showing a better result?
– Yes, it was warm enough, the last group had porridge on the track, such a serious porridge. It was difficult to fight, but if you got to the start, you need to fight to the end.

– How did our service work, did you guess with lubrication?
– Thank you very much for the service, I am satisfied with the skis today: they worked stably, there were no drawdowns. So I liked skiing today.

– How do you personally assess your performance, given the insane competition?
– I think that I managed today, but I didn’t improve a little with shooting – I had to try to get at least one more shot. Well, already there, as it is. Our fans were on the track, you could hear them well. Thanks for support. It inspired and helped to fight to the end. And they were at the finish line too. There were coaches and their own support. We were sick – so I fought to the last meter, to the finish line, – said Nasyko.

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2023-02-15 16:39:00


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